For any procedure, several different codes will be required by the medical aid.

These codes are supplied by your surgeon’s or dentist’s administrative team and will be reflected on your invoice. The Sedationist’s administration will also be able to assist.


ICD 10 Codes: Supplied by the surgeon’s rooms

Example K02.1 / K08.1 is commonly used for dental procedures.


Operative procedure codes: Supplied by the surgeon’s rooms, for example

Example 1461 is commonly used for dental procedures.

Sedation Procedure Codes:

0020 Sedation outside a hospital operating room

0151 Pre-anaesthetic examination 0034 Sedation/anaesthetic time

0007 head/neck/shoulder modifier

0036/0023 Use of personal monitoring equipment

Sedation codes if applying for authorization

Typical Sedation Procedure codes:

0020 Sedation outside a hospital theatre

0151 Pre-anaesthetic assessment

0034 Head/neck or shoulder modifier

0036/0023 Sedation/ anaesthetic time

0007 Use of own monitoring equipment

0201 Drugs and consumables used during the sedation.

NAPPI codes:

NAPPI CODES are provided for consumables used during the sedation and will be supplied by the sedationist on his invoice

 What will be on my invoice?


On the final medical-aid friendly sedation invoice, you can expect to find the following:

  • Your medical aid information
  • The patient and member information
  • Authorisation number from medical aid for surgical procedure
  • Date, time and type of operation
  • Surgeon’s name
  • Surgery procedure codes
  • ICD-10 disease codes
  • Sedation procedural codes
  • NAPPI codes for consumables
  • Theatre time
  • Time spent in recovery